Flappers, Rosé and the 1%: the best party photos of the week

Richard and Dana Kirshenbaum
Richard and Dana Kirshenbaum

A look at all the parties you should have attended last week.

1) Fashion people celebrated being fashionable at the annual FIT awards gala.

2) Nothing is better than a sunny day, a St. Germain cocktail and a flapper dress. Hence, these lovely photos from the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island.

3) Richard Kirshenbaum threw a party at the Lotus Club for his new book Isn’t That Rich? Life Among the 1% with — surprise — a lot of rich people

4) The Central Park Zoo held its Wildlife Conservation Society Gala benefiting the oceans. Sadly, no one wore a swimsuit.

5) Bodvár of Sweden had a party for National Rosé Day (because apparently that’s real).

6) No storms dared disturb movie stars and hedge fund managers eating at the Public Theater’s gala before its production of “The Tempest.”

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