Jill Wilpon will not rest until every maid on the Upper East Side is properly trained

Jill Wilpon

First Jill Wilpon, the daughter-in-law of Mets’ owner Fred Wilpon, taught the help how to set a table (don’t worry, we didn’t know how to either). Now she’s back and ready to teach them how to clean, according to the New York Post.

It all started when a friend of hers told her the horror story of how a maid ruined her Balenciaga blouse by putting it in wash. Ever since that dreadful day, Wilpon has made it her mission through her domestic staffing company, Chorz, to teach maids essential skills like which clothes need to be hand-washed, how to cook meals without cilantro, and how to navigate all the controls in high-tech homes. All for the very reasonable price of $150/class.

Still, Wilpon does not fault the maids. “They’re from Bhutan!” Wilpon told the Post. “They don’t know our culture.” Obviously, because learning how to properly clean an Hermès scarf is a fundamental part of our education here in America.

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