Yale Club is not putting up with your ugly clothes anymore

The Yale Club
The Yale Club
The Yale Club

Ivy League grads are out of control. At least that’s what some members of the Yale Club said at its annual meeting, in which a main topic of discussion was the lack of enforcement for the business casual dress code, reports Page Six. 

One member related  in a letter his horrifying experience encountering a law student with the phrase “F–k Forever” on his t-shirt. “Why was he allowed to walk around the club dressed as such? Is there no decency at the club anymore, no class?”

Apparently not, but this whole debate seems a little behind the times. Haven’t these people ever heard of normcore?

Over at the Harvard Club, “beach attire” is banned despite the fact that one of Harvard’s most famous alumni, Mark Zuckerberg, is constantly rocking his Adidas shower slides with no shame. Guess that’s why he didn’t graduate.

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