Magnises club moves its party destination to LES penthouse (and no one cares)


An American Express’ Centurion Card

This is one penthouse we never, ever want to visit. The Awl broke the exciting story that Magnises, the oh-so-exclusive group of millennials whose greatest aspiration in life is to own an American Express’ Centurion Card (i.e. Black Card), has moved from having its obnoxious parties in the West Village to having them on top of the Hotel Rivington. Wow!

The founder of the group, Billy McFarland told its heartwarming creation story to The New York Times in 2013. He and some friends were eating a humble dinner at La Esquina, complaining about how much more they had to accomplish in life before they could own a Black Card, which supposedly has no spending limit on it. That night, in a flash of inspiration, McFarland realized that anything was possible and he could just make a black card for himself in China! And he could charge 7,000 insane people who are desperate to be cool $250/year for it!

What do you get for that sum? Well basically nothing, except your regular credit card in black.  Yes, this is just like when you really wanted to wear Batman’s awesome outfit for your Halloween costume, but had to make do with the lame Target costume version of it.

You also get to attend super hip parties in the “up-and-coming” Lower East Side almost every night when there aren’t bachelor parties.  The group is apparently spending a “hefty” price tag to rent the penthouse (more than $10k/month, but less than $50k) for the privilege.  But it’s all worth it so these self-described members of the “aspiring entrepreneurial class”  can mingle with each otherand leave the rest of us alone.


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