This is the most obnoxious way to get to the Hamptons

A classy machine.
A classy machine.

Anyone who is wondering what to buy Kimye for their baby shower, your search is over. The Bell 525 Relentless Helicopter is the most pimped-out, psychedelic Star-Trek wanna be flying machine to ever grace the sky. Imagine the amazing selfies the Wests could take inside it!

Though there isn’t an official price yet for the Bell 525, estimates place it at around $15 million (not to mention each trip to the gas station will cost $3,500). Inside, there is 88 square feet of space, which can comfortably fit between 16- 20 people.

Though Bell says the machine is primarily meant for oil and gas companies who need it for, you know, actual work (it can reportedly fly 178 miles per hour and 575 miles straight without stopping), there is no way helicopter-lover Michael Bloomberg will be able to resist buying one. Maybe he’ll actually land it on the helipad this time.

We recommend simply taking a Blade.


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