Madonna is a farmer now

Madonna rides again at her Hamptons estate.
Madonna rides again at her Hamptons estate.

dke7202Madonna is an “unapologetic bitch,” and she’s making a lot of her neighbors in the Hamptons angry to boot. The pop star is accused by her neighbors buying a parcel of public land for a fraction of its worth with the intention of building a privacy “farm” on it, Page Six reports.

Suffolk County and the Town of Southhampton purchased the land in Bridgehampton in 2010 for $10 million, with the idea of preserving it for farmland. The great pop queen then purchased it for a mere $2.2 million with the stipulation that she could not build on it and would use it for commercial agriculture products. Madonna is obviously committed to her farming; she has planted some Leyland Cypress, eastern white pines and Robusta juniper trees and is calling it a tree nursery.

For her efforts, she will receive a huge tax break, paying only $2,260.28 a year in property taxes for the 24 acres (whereas the owner of a single acre across the street pays $6,841.52 per year). If she manages to sell at least 100 saplings in a year (and who wouldn’t want to buy a tree that was grown by Madonna? The jacket she wore in Desperately Seeking Susan fetched $252,000 at auction last year), then she only has to pay $300.

Many in the Hamptons, however, are suspicious that the Rebel Heart singer just wanted some inexpensive privacy for her $4.9 million mansion right next door. As one Sagaponack farmer put it, “That’s not a nursery…She just doesn’t want people to see her riding — and falling.”


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