Storage closets, the ultimate status symbol: VIDEO

93 Worth

If Richard Matt and David Sweat had been imprisoned in a cage in Tribeca, they might have thought twice before escaping.

Bloomberg reports that storage units in the Tribeca luxury apartment building, 93 Worth, are going for about $2,000 a square foot, which means that a four by eight storage cage sold for $65,000. That’s on top of the price of the apartment in the building, where a current penthouse is listed for $9.9 million. This isn’t the most expensive storage purchase ever; in 2011, someone paid $200,00 for a basement storage unit near Central Park, and One57 is selling its storage units for $4,000 per square foot.

Meanwhile in Columbus, OH, you can buy a two-bedroom house for $54,000. So, you know, priorities.

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