It’s a wrap: this week’s celebrity home swaps

Yes, Marlon Brando is still in the news.
Yes, Marlon Brando is still in the news.

A round up of all the deals, steals, and otherwise strange news that has happened this week involving celebs and their various homes.

1) Michelle Williams stays loyal to Brooklyn, buying a $2.5 million fixer upper in Prospect Park South.

2) Marlon Brando’s former home in Hollywood Hills is on the market for $3.495 million. Apparently, it includes a hidden room where Brando used to hide during boring parties.

3) Stephanie Mack, widow of Mark Madoff  (the son of Bernie Madoff), managed to offload the couple’s Soho pad to a development firm for $9 million. Mark committed suicide in the apartment in 2010, so that’s a fun selling point.

4) J. Law was spotted apartment hunting in Tribeca this week with her mom; guess she’s putting that $20 million “Passenger” paycheck to use.

5) The glitzy Upper East Side apartment where Joan Rivers lived until she died sold to a mysterious buyer. Hopefully Joan would approve of their outfit.

6) Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and his husband, investor Sean Eldridge listed their Soho pad for $8.8 million. Perhaps they are looking to move to some other small town and spectacularly lose a congressional election.

7) Apparently, hunting bad guys every week pays off; actor Christopher Meloni from “Law & Order: SVU” sold his midtown West apartment for $9 million.

8) There is life after Bloomberg; the mayor’s ex-wife Susan Brown sold her Noho pad for $11.7 million.

9) It’s not the White House, but still pretty nice; Kathy Najimy from “Veep” bought a $2.6 million apartment in Carnegie Hill.

10) Another model moves to Soho (how original); Jacquelyn Jablonski bought a $1.9 million place in the trendy hood.

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