The snootiest, most terrifying gym in NYC


So that Karlie Kloss never has to exercise next to regular people in Equinox (yuck, ugliness), Nike has started its own exclusive, über-glamorous gym in Soho called simply, 45 Grand.

WWD reported back in May that the gym had snazzy things like digital screens that display names on lockers and weird reflective glass everywhere. Today, courtesy of Architectural Digest, you can take a virtual tour of the facilities, which may actually be the training facilities room for an army of supermodels, intent on taking over the world.

We now know that the the gym does sports bra fittings, because that’s totally essential in life and also has a room with tufted banquettes that look like the soles of Nike shoes. “We liked the idea of everything else being kind of technical, like a lab, with a level of perfection to it,” the space’s designer, Rafael de Cárdenas, said.

Now if only they could figure out a way to prevent you from sweating.

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