It’s a wrap: this week’s celebrity home swaps

Everybody's moving and shaking.
Everybody’s moving and shaking.


A round up of all the deals, steals, and otherwise strange news that has happened this week involving celebs and their various homes.

1) Guess Katie Holmes is doing just fine without her Scientology overlords; the actress rented an apartment in Chelsea for $25,000/month.

2) There must be people out there who listen to One Republic; its frontman Ryan Tedder just picked up an $11 million pad in Tribeca for his 36th birthday.

3) Though Heidi Klum was spotted touring an island earlier this year, apparently she wanted something a little more familiar, preferring to rent the same West Village townhouse she’s lived in before. The home happens to belong’s to LLNYC cover stars, the Novogratz family. 

4) NBA player Allan Houston signed one of the most profitable sports contracts of all time ($100 million for six years), but that doesn’t mean he’s moved on to charity work; he’s asking $20 million for his Westchester mansion.

5) Topher Grace is renting out his bachelor pad in the West Village for $16,000/month; his fiancee, Ashley Hinshaw, might be slightly curious why he isn’t selling it.

6) The Soros family made more money! George’s daughter Andrea Soros Colombel sold her West Village townhouse for $24 million, after three years on the market.

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