Celeb chef to Donald Trump: “You’re fired”

LLYNC cover star Geoffrey Zakarian

donald_trumpChew on this: would-be presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent racist comments about Mexican immigrants left celeb chef and LLYNC cover star Geoffrey Zakarian stewing. The Food Network frequenter, and partner at the Lambs Club in Midtown, quietly thought, “You’re fired” to himself, before publicly declaring that Trump’s comments were not in line with his personal beliefs.

The second chef this week to back out of the luxe hotel project — on Wednesday Washington-based chef Jose Andres also bowed out for similar reasons — Zakarian is quoted in a recent Daily News piece as saying, “We are a nation built from immigrants, my family included.”

Not one to eat crow and always known for cooking up drama by adding fuel to the fire, Trump retorted via spokesperson in a statement highlighting how steamed he is, “Zakarian’s foolish decision will be his loss and will have no effect on the completion and success of this project.”

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