Superrich kid doesn’t know the meaning of spoiled


This hilarious Q&A with a 10-year old 1 percenter spawn (that we just know pops the collar of his pink Lacoste polo), has everything: “mannies,” weekending in the Hamptons; toy Ferrari cars that travel 40-miles-per-hour; private jets; namechecking the Kato Kaelins of the Kardashian set, Jonathan Cheban and “The Lord” Scott Disick, a 14-carat gold skateboard and the word “kidult.”

“What are your chores?” the Daily Summer highlighted by Fashion Week Daily asks the Forbes-reading child as he kicks back in East Hampton.
“I don’t have any. I just relax. My nanny does everything. My friends don’t really have chores either,” he replies.

“Is that good or bad?” the interviewer presses.
“It’s great! You get an allowance and you can still relax. That’s a good thing, right?”

When it comes to hobbies, forget video games: “I don’t really do kid activities…I enjoy going to polo with my dad. I consider myself a kidult.”

He goes on to say that: “My idol, though, is Scott Disick. He’s really cool. He’s the whole package. He has cars. Lots of them.”

Lord (Disick, of course) help us!

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