A bunker fit for a millionaire

It's like you're swimming in the deep, blue sea.
It’s like you’re swimming in the deep, blue sea.

The first sign of the apocalypse is not dying bees or a plague — it’s this brutalist home wedged into the cliffs of Greece that the architecture firm OPA is proposing to build.

Clearly, someone there knows something that none of us plebs do, and they’re preparing to protect themselves from the impending doom in a luxurious cocoon of steel, swimming pools and glass called Casa Brutale. It certainly sounds like one pretty terrifying house tour; according to OPA:

After descending 50 stairs to the Aegean, under the shadows of epic concrete beams, you reach the entrance (also accessible by elevator). The tall, rotating door of aged wood (with the axis at ¾ lengths) opens to a breathtaking sea view, through the glass façade. The remaining space is bare, pure and simple; minimalism at its best. A concrete cast dining table is combined with concrete benches, clad with warm wood. Smooth curves sculpture the fireplace on the wall next to the bench. Behind the dining table, the guest room is formed under an old-fashioned Zoellner slab with a glass corner. Next to the guest room, there is a small passage to the utility rooms (storage room, bathroom and WC).

That’s a whole lot of starkness! Maybe Greece should consider using it to host Angela on her next visit?

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