Shakespeare and jeans: the best party photos of the week

What a party!
An Instagram pic from Dolce and Gabbana’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party, and guests voguing next to a Jeff Koons sculpture at the Art Southhampton party

A look at all the parties you should have attended last week.

1) Jeans and a clambake, what could be more perfectly Hamptons than that? 3 x 1 and co-hosted a cocktail soiree and seafood smorgasbord in Southhampton.

2) Dolce and Gabbana’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party at their Italian villa resulted in some seriously beautiful Instagrams.

3) The Eric Firestone Gallery celebrated its latest exhibit devoted to beach art in East Hampton with lots of happy, bright colors and swirling prints.

4) Bad-ass ladies (like Joan Jett and Erin Wassoon) wore jeans for Levi’s party to celebrate the fact that they are now selling…more jeans.

5) The Young Members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art partied the night away at their gala. And some even sneaked out of the party to look at art.

6) Socialites celebrated food in New York at Toasting the Town’s first ever New York Heritage Salon & Bounty party by (presumably) not eating all that much.

7) Rich people buy art, rich people live in the Hamptons (at least during the summer). Hence, the Art Southhampton party.

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