Louis Vuitton opens museum for itself

There's a whole lotta luggage at this show.
There’s a whole lotta luggage at this show.

FeaturedImageGiven the recent upswing in fashion designers taking over museums (and even opening their own museums), it was only a matter of time before a heritage brand decided to memorialize itself.

Louis Vuitton just opened up the family home and atelier in Asnières, a suburb of Paris, and it looks spectacular. The permanent exhibit features 400 objets from the company’s archive, chosen by curator Judith Clark, which range from intimate family letters, to an art installation by Jorge Otero-Pailos called “The Ethics of Dust,” which is basically two huge casts of latex that capture dust on the outside of the building. “Now the dust is separate but related to the building,” the artist told Wallpaper. “When it’s on the building, we tend to not realise it’s there.”

Whatever he says. Basically, the Paris-chic decor is reason enough for us to go; we’re packing our LV trunks right now.


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