Private pilot tells all

Adam Twidwell

2A86719100000578-3160775-image-a-90_1436888637527Fasten your seatbelts: Adam Twidwell, CEO of PrivateFly, has been a private jet pilot for 11 years, flying an 8-seater Citation XLS, the world’s best-selling jet aircraft — and oh the things he has seen! In a recent Q&A with the Daily Mail.  Twidwell tells us time flies when you are having fun, saying each day continues to be an adventure and no two are ever the same.

A stranger to cramped seats, stale peanuts and the Lord of the Flies-esque nightmare commercial flying has devolved into, he explains the key to being a successful private pilot is customer service and catering to passengers’ whims. He opens the cockpit door (it is never locked on private flights) and spills about the noteworthy things he has witnessed. Although he says, “usually [you] have to be very careful when talking about your passengers – that’s why they fly privately after all,” that doesn’t stop him from relaying how Paul Newman, when suggested he have a beer, retorted, “Beer? Captain, in World War II we washed our face in beer, give me a whisky!”

Nor is he hesitant to talk about the over-the-top pet requests he received from one tony passenger, being instructed to, pronounce “the dog’s name in a very specific way and to always make eye contact and smile broadly when addressing it.”

Twidwell is more than happy to fly by the seat of his pants — once he was prepared to fly guests to Bucharest, only do discover he was supposed to be heading to Budapest — just don’t ask him to change them: “Where I do draw the line is my uniform.” When asked to don a costume or jeans, Twidwell balked, “I had to say no– for me, my pilot’s uniform is part of my role and mindset.”

Kudos to Twidwell and continued smooth sailing and sunny skies ahead as his career continues to take off!