Hamptons chatter: what happened this week

Katherine Rayner, the face of squatting.
Katherine Rayner, the face of squatting.

All the most important news in everyone’s favorite weekend destination.

1) Billionaire Katherine Rayner tries (and fails) to claim squatters’ rights for her pool equipment.

2) Travis Scott swung from the chandelier at Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid’s party at 10ak in Southhampton Saturday night.

3) Former Mets Pitcher Dwight Gooden was not so good when he refused to get in a town car that was to take him to the Hamptons foodie event Dan’s Taste of Summer.

4) Uber’s days may be limited, but many people were using an app to catch a ride with the po po instead.

5) Everyone was mad at Obama for grounding all helicopter flights for 24-hours this weekend. Even worse, the Hamptons Sleep-Deprivation Officer (BECAUSE THAT IS SOMEONE’S ACTUAL JOB) reported hundreds of calls from residents who missed the sounds of the choppers buzzing overhead.

6) Bono took in some art at Larry Gargosian’s Hamptons mansion.

7) Another day, another giant house goes on the market for $95 million.