It’s official: airports love your dog more than you

That's one party we wish were invited to.
That’s one party we wish were invited to.

As air travel continues to get worse and worse for humans, JFK announced that it would be opening a new luxury terminal for animals called, appropriately, the ARK.

What does that even mean? Picture hotel suites for dogs with flat-screen TVs, bone-shaped splashing pools, massage therapy and “pawdicures with colored nail pawlish.”  Even better? There will be a space for horses (flying a horse to say, London costs at least $10,000), cats and, believe it or not, penguins. In fact, penguins get a “special space” allowing them to mate privately. That’s right, no mile high club for these special birds.

The space will cost $48 million to build and is expected to open next year. Still, at $100 per night for a high-end doggy suite, it seems like a pretty good deal considering the exorbitant cost of hotels in the city right now. Is it possible for us to check in?