California mega-estate drops price by 60%

For $39.4 million, this place isn't too shabby.
For $39.9 million, this place isn’t too shabby.

Apparently, no one wants to spend $100 million for the privilege of not living in a house until a 78-year old French nobleman died.

Christian de Guigne IV has relisted his 47.4 acre property in Hillsborough California for $39.9 million — a 60 percent drop from its original price of $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. The estate originally had a life estate condition, which would have required the seller allow de Guigne (and only de Guigne–this isn’t the Golden Girls, sadly) to live in the house until he died. Which is kind of like paying your older brother all your allowance money for his bigger room — but only being able to move into it when he goes to college. That clause has been removed from the new listing.

It is a pretty nice estate and it’s not hard to see why de Guigne is reluctant to give it up (its been in his family for 150 years). At 16,000 square feet, it has all the necessities you ever need in life, like a ballroom and a flower-arranging room, walking trails, a pool, views of San Francisco, two reservoirs and a servant’s wing. So basically, it’s the perfect setting for an American Downton Abbey spinoff.