A peek inside Nicole Kidman’s lovely Australian farmhouse: VIDEO

Clad in a white lace Alberta Ferretti gown, actress Nicole Kidman does her best “Little House on the Pararie” imitation while being videoed on her Australian farmland recently for Vogue’s “73 Questions.”

The magazine reporter visits Kidman (and her six alpacas) in the “land down under” — a place to “bring your sunscreen and joie de vivre,” to follow her around filming her collecting eggs while getting to the bottom of what makes her tick in a series of questions including:

“What is your spirit animal?” — the otter; “Whether she prefers diamonds or pearls” –“diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “What’s your favorite tv show of all time?” — Bewitched!

No layabout, Kidman tells us that she is a pool shark and that she has gone swimming with actual sharks — not just the type that come from Hollywood.