Hamptons chatter: babies in helicopters, a tragic fire and bald eagles

He's living the American Dream: summering in the Hamptons.
He’s living the American Dream: summering in the Hamptons.

All the most important news in everyone’s favorite weekend destination.

1) Parents in the Hamptons are renting helicopters like no other to pick up their kids from camp. Wonder if they’re carpooling.

2)  A real-estate mogul’s Southhampton home went up in flames; we would check the attic, this sounds suspiciously like the end of Jane Eyre.

3) Hamptons party-goers are having a major problem: Uber isn’t allowed and they have to take taxis. For some reason, this merits a long article in the Times.

4)  The Hamptons are just not what they used to be: home prices have dropped significantly due to a surge of houses on the market.

5)  The Montauk war against partying hipsters continues: the town banned parking on the notoriously-congested stretch of Edgemere street.

6) The Clintons aren’t the only famous Americans to spend their summer in the Hamptons: a young bald eagle was spotted in Montauk County Park.