World’s most beautiful bar opens in world’s most beautiful hotel

The outside of Le Sirenuse.
The outside of Le Sirenuse.

Anyone lucky enough to have a coveted reservation at the Italian hotel/most miraculous-place-on-earth, Le Sirenuse this summer is about to get even luckier (as if that was humanely possible). The hotel has opened up a new bar –Franco’s Bar– that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. It serves no food, only drinks like champagne and Hemingway martinis. If Cersei Lannister was real and around today, this would be where she would go to knock back glasses and punch the staff.

The bar in all its glory.
There’s even a pool!


Once you’ve filled up on champagne, then you can visit the spa, which has a “sauna, a bio-sauna, 2-massage cabins, a private suite for couples, an indoor plunge pool, a hammam, a work out area, and an audiovisual center. ” It is apparently “the perfect place to come and unwind after a day of intensive sight seeing, or sun worshiping.” We really wish that’s what an “intensive” day looked like for us.

Thankfully, the good people of Le Sirenuse have installed the world’s weirdest webcam, so the sad saps of the world can lamely watch grainy images of the Italian beach paradise, instead of, you know, being there.