Take a tour of London’s most expensive hotel: Video

In this very informative video from Bloomberg, Geoffrey Gelardi, the managing director of the Lanesborough Hotel in London takes us on a jaw-dropping tour of his luxury hotel, which recently reopened (it closed in December 2013 for a major refurbishment). No surprise, there’s a lot of regency-style decoration, schmancy chandeliers, butlers, and “Buckingham suites” that have hand-painted shadows and stenciling on the walls that took 2,000 hours to complete. Those suites rent for £26,000 per night.

But perhaps the most incredible parts of the tour are all the things you can buy when you’re a guest: cognac from 1770, which goes for £6,500 pounds (about $10,000) PER SHOT and “the most sought after cigars in the world,” which are hand-rolled by Castro’s personal roller and go for £4,500 each. Perhaps London has even New York beat for being the craziest place on Earth for rich people.