Take a tour of the Woolworth Building: VIDEO

Leave the One57 and 432 Park Avenue penthouses to foreign billionaires; the Woolworth building is what real New Yorkers (this one included) drool over. The iconic building, which was at one point the tallest in the city, is currently undergoing renovation that will turn the top 30 floors into high-end luxury apartments.

The New York Daily News posted a video tour of the 41st floor (being marketed as “the Pinnacle”, and while almost everything is under construction at the moment, you can still get a pretty good sense of the views the apartments will offer and their generous size.

“The amount of man hours we’re spending on this is incredible. Relative to any other building we’ve done, this is clearly the most complicated,”Kenneth Horn, the CEO of  Alchemy Properties, told the Daily News. “Every time you open the walls, you’re finding things that are 100 years old, ” he continued. Though don’t get too excited Indiana Jones fans, those “things” mainly consist of “newspapers from 1913, 1914.”

Well we’re certainly ready to move in. The only catch? The penthouse is asking a reported $110 million. Maybe we can live in the bathroom.