Tom Cruise’s former London pied a terre penthouse hits the market for $54M

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and the six-bedroom penthouse in Knightsbridge

Talk about “the color of money:” The former London rental pied a terre of superstar and Scientology big wig, Tom Cruise, is now up for sale for $54 million (£35 million British pounds) making the headliner currently the most expensive London penthouse.

After Cruise’s departure, in order to make his sales mission possible, Elle Decor reports that the property owner enlisted the Paul Davies interior design firm to handle the “risky business” of making over the 10,000-square- foot, 6-bedroom full-floor Knightsbridge showstopper. The home is now complete with what appears to be a 16-seater couch;– perfect to jump on during interviews — “mirror-lined ceilings; black oak parquet floors; and a Swarovski crystal-lined bar.”

Moreover, lucky buyers will be able to stare out at Hyde Park beneath a “vanilla sky” with “eyes wide shut” from one of the six terraces.