Ice ice baby: The latest health and beauty craze sweeping NYC is cryotherapy


The hottest coldest beauty craze to hit NYC is cryotherapy. The New York Post reports  “during the three-minute, $90 sessions, clients are placed in a 6-foot-tall tubular machine pumping out air hovering between an icy minus 184 and minus 292 degrees Fahrenheit.”

While in there chillin’ it’s said people can experience metabolism acceleration, increased energy, muscle relaxation, cellulite reduction and can”allegedly burn up to 800 calories without moving a muscle.” In addition to supposed health benefits, another cool perk is some participants report feeling a natural high and feeling more alive. We suspect Walt Disney would have totally been on board!

Disney aside, tons of celebs including Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Bobbi Brown and others with non-alliterative names, have also taken the plunge and emerged with a new mantra: “Ice ice baby.” The Post interviews many New Yorkers who are singing cryotherapy’s praises and are near-addicts of the procedure as well, including one literal numbskull who comments, ““If Demi Moore does it, it’s good enough for me,” and a nutritionist that claims “she had ‘lost [her] bionic power’ during a recent two-week stay in the Hamptons sans cryosauna.”

Because of ever-increasing popularity, KryoLife spa owner Joanna Fryben reports she will be opening “a second location in Flatiron this October, complete with a cryochamber, a multi-person room filled with ice and cold air.”

But be warned: medical experts have given cryotherapy the cold shoulder and frostily warn it’s akin to a medical fad, suggesting it should be put on ice.