Giving birth? Don’t forget to book your blowout

Nope, she didn't just wake up like this.
Nope, she didn’t just wake up like this.

The New York Times reports that more and more, brand-spanking new mothers are requesting blow outs and glam appointments before anyone brings out the cameras in the delivery room. “This is a moment where it’s one of those milestones. I’ll feel better if [my hair is] blown out, and in pictures it will look better,” said one woman who plans to book a hair appointment for immediately after she pushes a little man/lady out of her birth canal.

Still, it’s still better than Wednesday Martin, who in her blockbuster book, Primates of Park Avenue, describes actually going for a blow-out while she was in labor and even considered “tending to things below the belt, but my contractions were now a minute apart, so I called my husband instead.” Um, ya. Apparently, this is not rare: when Martin “apologized to my OB for the unkempt state of things down there,” her doctor noted that “many of his patients had Brazilian bikini waxes right before delivering.”

Unsurprisingly, Martin barely made it to the hospital before giving birth, but she is #noregrets: “In spite of almost giving birth in an Escalade, I am not above admitting that, when I look at the pictures of me holding my son immediately postbirth, I am glad I got the blowout.”