Hamptons chatter: Village People, electric cars and a tent

Who knew these guys would get in a Hamptons cat fight?
Who knew these guys would get in a Hamptons cat fight?

All the most important news in everyone’s favorite weekend destination.

1) Gallerist Elliot Levenglick was forced to stay in a Comfort Inn when the $45,000-a-month house in East Hampton he was supposed to stay in canceled his reservation. Hope he enjoyed the ice machine!

2) And if he gets kicked out, he can always rent this tent in East Hampton, which someone has the audacity to rent out on Craigslist for $100/night.

3) A cowboy and an Indian had a major fight this weekend over who would perform at “Sir” Ivan Wilzig’s summer party in his klassy medieval castle. There are way too many anachronistic references in that sentence.

4) The most expensive house in America went on the market in East Hampton for $140 million. The Donald is considering buying it just to prove to the world that he really is rich.

5) Today show host Matt Lauer is worried that his horses will drown in his neighbors’ pool. Glad that’s someone’s problem.

6) Tesla is coming! The electric car company is opening a pop-up shop in the Hamptons this Saturday.

7) The League, aka the matchmaking app for the 1%, had a party for its power users in Montauk. In the words of Steve Martin, it was a place where “rich women go to meet rich men so they can have rich kids.”