Selfies, hashtags and white: the best party photos of the week

Le Diner En Blanc at Pier 26.
Le Diner En Blanc at Pier 26.

1) The unlikely duo of Gwyneth Paltrow and Lena Dunham teamed up and wore pink to the Hamptons Paddle & Party annual benefit for breast cancer research.

2)#IWANTMYICB is the real name of a party that happened at Azul on the Rooftop at Hotel Hugo.

3) A movie about a Florida real estate developer screened in the Hamptons (which made sense to no one).

4) Google continued to assert that it is the king of all things (not, ahem, some other tech company that kneels to T.Swift), and threw a party for its Google Play music service.

5) 1,200 people gathered in the Central Park Conservatory and wore funny hats. This may actually be our favorite party of all time.

6) A lot of people took selfies at the Selfie on a Stick party. Shocker.

7) Who knew white could be so fun? Guests got creative with their all-white ensembles at the annual Le Diner En Blanc.