The world’s ritziest airports are nicer than your vacation resort


The worlds most opulent airports have become destinations of their own, according to the New York Post.

Take, for example, the “world’s cleanest,” South Korea’s Incheon International Airport which offers free showers in the hotel-style bathrooms, a museum, golf course (we suspect the ninth hole is in the baggage claim area and it is a doozy), a casino and ice-skating rink.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.23.27 PM
Munich International Airport

As if those perks are not high-flying enough, Changi International Airport in Singapore boasts a selfie-addicts dream: the Social Tree — surrounded by eight interactive booths made from 32-inch televisions with touch screens so you can narcissistically bore your Facebook friends. To destress before and after flights, travelers can take a dip in the compound’s rooftop pool, get some “serenity now” viewing Koi ponds or walk through 5 indoor gardens “which require maintenance from 11 full-time horticulturists.”

Not to be outdone in the pool department, Munich’s facility just installed a large wave pool for would-be surfers to hang ten, as well as houses its own microbrewery in the hopes you will get so tipsy at your boozy pre-flight brunch you will buy a new Audi from Terminal 1’s showroom to drive to your destination instead.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport offers a diamond purveyor and meditation center, while Heathrow seems tame in comparison with a Harrod’s outpost and mini-croquet.

Let’s hope LGA’s upcoming $8 billion redesign offers more than a Shake Shack.