Most expensive bottle of aged cognac in the world hits market for $230,000

A screenshot of Busta Rhymes - "Pass the Courvoisier (Part II)" and Massougnes 1805 cognac
A screenshot of Busta Rhymes’ “Pass the Courvoisier (Part II)” and Massougnes 1805 cognac

“Give me the Henny, you can give me the Cris, you can pass me the Remi,” but then pass the Massouges 1805. While this mad expensive 210-year old bottle of cognac, which just hit the market, may not have inspired its own rap song, one certainly would have to be “Rich like Cunningham” in order to afford the exorbitant $230,000 price tag.

CNBC reports that the liquor made during the Battle of Trafalagar is being sold via British company, Brandyclassics, which specializes in high-end vintage brandies. The firm has “owned the three-quarter gallon bottle for 15 years” and claims it is ‘the most expensive bottle of cognac in the world.’

David Baker, the managing director of the company, explains that whomever snatches up this gem — which still has”a light hazel nut flavor” despite its age — will likely down it: “We work quite a lot with luxury hotels and in our experience most of these cognacs are sold to customers who would seek to consume them rather than keep them.” He explains further that “in the U.K. we have sold cognacs of this nature to luxury hotels who would serve them to their customers for up to £6,000 per measure.”

As legend has it, Baker says he knows of a case “where a customer purchased, during the course of an evening, more than a bottle and his bar bill came to more than £86,000.”

Apparently wine is fine, but this brandy is far more dandy.