Hamptons chatter: Corn, George Bush and affordable housing

Glad to not be on the campaign trail like his bro.
Glad to not be on the campaign trail like his bro.

1) Skinny, trendy people (pretended) to consume carbs at a private fundraiser in Montauk with a corn bar.

2) A painter was found dead in a pool in Southampton; as Gatsbyish an ending as anyone could ever wish for.

3) George W. Bush cruised around the Hamptons in a boat previously owned by Brigitte Bardot. We hope the experience will inspire another painting.

4) Three “affordable” homes are available for the first time ever in Southampton; because the number one priority on every low-income person’s list is a beach house.

5) Rich people like to sleep, but rich people also like helicopters; East End officials will discuss the most difficult conundrum of their careers.

6) Now if only they can figure out what to do about the imminent rosé (aka “Hamptons gatorade”) shortage.

7) Betsey Johnson had her annual yard sale; no official word on whether cartwheels happened.

8) An East Hampton summer camp was charged with more than 60 violations: wonder what the officials would think of Camp Firewood.