Most expensive restaurant in the world makes us nauseous

No surprise: the most expensive restaurant in the world has almost nothing to do with food. At more than 2,000 Euros per person, Sublimotion, in Ibiza, Spain, promises to be a “merger of haute cuisine gastronomy and the most breakthrough technology with an unprecedented staging, becoming thus a new stagecraft.” Whatever that means. (For the most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion’s website has a lot of pretty poor English. For instance, “SUBLIMOTION is an space created to stimulate the 5 senses, a different experiential trip to anything you’ve ever experienced before.”)

Though dining there is meant to be “experience you may only understand when living it in person,” Yahoo editor Jackie Strause did the world a favor and tried to describe what happened to her in a review of the spot today. Desserts “levitate”; light installations jerked you back in forth in time and space; circuses appear magically from no where. Only 12 diners are allowed at the restaurant, which is pretty much booked till forever, and those who have gone Instagram like there’s no tomorrow.

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To be honest, all the swirling and lights and sounds seem like they would make me pretty nauseous. That might appeal to bulimic party girls in Ibiza, but I’ll stick to the delicious (and more moderate) $140 tasting menu at Le Bernadin. I’m just a simple girl, after all.