It’s a wrap: this week’s celebrity home swaps

Betsey Johnson's house is as colorful as she is.
Betsey Johnson’s house is as colorful as she is.


1) Vice CEO Shane Smith picks up $23 million pad for himself in Santa Monica. Guess sending hipsters out to war-torn places is profitable.

2) Rupert Murdoch is selling his West Village townhouse for $29 million after only owning it for four months. He swaps houses as frequently as he swaps wives.

3) Tough-guy Vince Vaughn has a remarkably girly house he’s selling for $5.9 million in LA.

4) Cat videos are more profitable than anyone thought; Buzzfeed editor Mark Schoof bought a Harlem townhouse for $2.25 million.

5) The Gucci sisters listed an apartment for $45 million that is as sleek and as sexy as their clothes.

6) “Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell listed her Greenwich Village co-op for $2.6 million. Mr. Big not included.

7) For $13 million, you can live like the ultimate supermodel Cindy Crawford in Malibu.

8) Betsey Johnson is selling her Hamptons home for $2 million that is just as flowery as you would have expected.

9) Katie Lee, of Food Network fame, is listing her Hamptons estate for $6 million. It better have a good kitchen!