Take a throwback tour of Versace’s South Beach home

Versace's house is obviously super tame and klassy.
Versace’s house is obviously super tame and klassy.

Vogue.com announced Wednesday that it is launching its new living section, and as part of that, they are re-publishing some pretty fab photo shoots they’ve done in the past of famous people’s houses.

Our favorite? Obviously Versace’s, whose South Beach mansion, Casa Casuarina, was the subject of a 1994 photo shoot in the magazine. To no one’s surprise, the house is insanely pimped out: there are Picasso watercolors on the wall (casual), trompe l’oeil ceilings, all sorts of mirrors and pieces from palaces. Versace designed the house to be “Mediterranean, not Deco,” and he used a lot of his own prints and scarves in the design of the house. So yes, there is a lot of leopard print everywhere.

Like Versace’s clothing, the house is not for the faint-of-heart, but it’s always exciting to get a peek into the marvelous mind of a true original.

(Also, welcome Vogue to the living space! It’s super fun).