Take a look at the most expensive (non-hotel) rental in the city

Definitely can tell it's worth the money from these awesome photos.
Definitely can tell it’s worth the money from these awesome photos.

Breaking news: someone might actually live in One57.

An apartment in the crazy megatower on 57th street filled with billionaires who are never actually there just went on the rental market for $150,000/month, making it the most expensive rental (not in a hotel) in the city. No one knows who the owner of the pad is (big surprise), which sold in December for almost $30 million, meaning at this rate, it will only take him/her 16 years to earn everything back. Better than a mortgage.

Though the photos are kind of terrible, the listing says that amenities in the apartment include a “FERMAX intercom system with direct call to concierge, 24-hour doorman service, a fitness center, yoga studio and swimming pool, full-service garage, business center.” Don’t worry, there’s also a bidet.

Of course, when you open the market to hotels, this is not the most expensive rental in the city. That honor goes to the 39th floor of the Pierre hotel, which rents out for $500,000 a month. Included in that hefty sum (for which you could also send two kids to Ivy League colleges) is “Taj Royal Attaché butler service, 24/7 Concierge, pet pampering, twice daily maid service and the hotel’s chauffeur-driven Jaguar.” And that’s not even close to the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. One of them, the Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland, goes for $60k A NIGHT. It features one of the three largest TV sets in the world, though, so we guess that’s worth it…

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  • Jerry O’Brien

    All I’d be able to afford after covering initial price, and taxes, monthly expenditures, would be water, peanut butter and jam and maybe a pullman loaf of day old bread and a lawn chair, but that view out over Central Park, the sun rising and setting would be absolutely magical, the sky changing minute by minute. I haven’t even touched on the night sky, take my breath away.

  • BH

    Funny how it’s a non-hotel rental in a building that is also a hotel.

    • bannerz

      clueless dunce

      • BH

        so basically you just go around insulting people, and keeping your profile private. much as a child might

      • BH

        how am i a dunce? it’s kind of ironic, right?

  • bannerz

    so insane