This $1 million Mercedes is not fooling around

There’s nothing rich people like better than owning something that no one else can, and we’re thrilled to announce that one such product is now for sale!

Only 15 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111s were ever made, only ten are left, and only one is drivable…which means that car is now worth a whopping $1 million. Bloomberg made a video about it (below), which says that the car makes you feel “crazy and free and aggressive and raw.” Nice.

To us, it’s just kind of ugly, and it doesn’t help that it is a burnt orange color Mercedes called “rosé wine.” Why would anyone want to drive around in something that looks like the inside of my refrigerator?

The real mystery, though, is what happened to the 14 other 1970 C111s that are no longer with us/not drivable? Were they featured in The Fast and Furious films? Did Clint Eastwood’s daughter set fire to them? Or this spoiled brat? We demand an answer. Or just a spin around the block in the one that does still exist.