Even your toothbrush is getting a luxury makeover

See that anonymous-looking wand? That's a toothbrush.
See that anonymous-looking wand? That’s a toothbrush.

_1x-1-1It might be time to reverse Marx’s oft-quoted prophecy that under capitalism “all that is holy is profaned,” to all that is profane is made holy, in the luxury rat race. I mean just look at these toothbrushes!

A new startup, called Quip, wants to make sure your electric toothbrush isn’t an eyesore in your custom all-marble en-suite – glass bathtub included. So, they’ve designed a line of sleek electric toothbrushes marketed more like a luxury must-have than a pharmacy grab-and-go.

“There’s definitely something a little strange about seeing a toothbrush marketed between a pair of Bowers & Wilkins earbuds and a Lumia smartphone as if it carries some kind of luxury cachet,” Bloomberg writes in a recent review.

And it gets stranger: It’s a subscription service. So, don’t even think about asking for a replacement head at Duane Reade.

You are billed $10 every three months, and that gets you a new brush head, a three-month tube of toothpaste and a two-week travel tube delivered straight to your doorman. The brush itself costs $40 for the superior metal version.

Still, unless you start slapping precious metals on it (please, don’t do that), it’s hard to get too excited about a toothbrush. Is this the nadir?