Hamptons chatter: Hillary’s vacation, Grey Gardens and the Cannonball

Don't mess with Little Edie.
Don’t mess with Little Edie.

1) Twenty somethings on the Cannonball train will have to pack less tanning lotion; LIRR announced new rules to handle the overwhelming crowds.

2) People stalking Jimmy Fallon noticed he had extra security at his Hamptons home.

3) The Beales are back! A production of ‘Grey Gardens‘ is playing in its original setting in Sag Harbor.

4) Hillz skipped out on part of her $100,000 vacay to campaign. Now that’s leadership material.

5) Can’t make it out to the Hamptons? Then take a drone tour of it.

6) No one wants to buy Richard Gere’s Hamptons house. Maybe he should offer to have dinner with the new owner–‘Pretty Woman’ style.

7) Nick Minaj attended/paid for her brother’s Hamptons wedding. Meek Mill did not attend.

8) Although the numbers were a bit disappointing at Sir Ivan Wilzig’s Studio 54-themed party last Saturday (way less than the 500-plus people predicted showed up, a member of the staff told us), it was still a weird/ wild evening. Also Fred Schneider.