The 5 largest properties for sale in Manhattan right now

Space is a premium in Manhattan, but it’s not a problem in these gigantic mansions, which start in size at 18,000 square feet. The most surprising take-away? Four out of the five of them are on the Upper East Side.


#1: 12-16 East 62nd Street 

Square Footage: 30,581

Price: $120,000,000

Triple Threat: This Upper East Side mansion is actually three town homes that can be combined into one.


#2: 71-73 Franklin Street 

Square Footage: 29,925

Price: $50,000,000

Fixer Upper: This apartment is unfinished now, but can come furnished for the bargain price of an additional $15 million.


#3:  1009 Fifth Avenue

Square Footage: 20,000

Price: $80,000,000

Museum Mile: This jaw-dropping property is right across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


#4: 39 East 72nd Street

Square Footage: 18,504

Price: $42,000,000

American Royalty:  The Upper East Side mansion was once the home of Gloria Vanderbilt.


#5177-179 East 73rd Street

Square Footage: 17,232

Price: $42,250,000

Drive on: The house is currently being used as a garage right now.

  • sugarntasty

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