Where have all the galleries gone?: MAP


Chelsea is the center of the art world in New York, right? Well almost.

According to data from NYC Open Data, the zip code with the largest number of art galleries is — surprise — 10021, or the area from roughly 69th to 76th street on the Upper East Side. That little area has a whopping 125 galleries, more than any zip code in Chelsea or that other burgeoning art neighborhood, the Lower East Side. In total, the Upper East Side has 249 galleries–roughly 27 percent of all the galleries in the entire city. We guess the 1 percent living Uptown like to stay close to a few Hirsts or Koons in case they ever need some shopping therapy.

Chelsea is a close second to the UES, and the zip code 10001 (which stretches from 35th to 25th Street from the Hudson River to Fifth Avenue) has 117 galleries. Combined with 10011, which reaches down into the West Village, the area has a respectable 219 galleries. Which means that 51 percent of all galleries in the city are either in Chelsea or the Upper East Side.

The rest are a bit scattered between Soho, Tribeca, the Lower East Side, with a fair amount scattered in Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens. The loser? Not for the first time, it’s Staten Island, which only has three.

Check out the map LLNYC made below.


By the way, if the contemporary art leaves you nonplused check out LLNYC’s Party Talk guide to the contemporary art game.

  • Earl Bateman

    That’s a very pretty map you’ve made. Unfortunately, the basic assumption behind the map – that the data provided by NYC government is accurate and current – has produced a pretty wrong map, and article, except the part about Staten Island. They’re last.

    If you drill into the data and inspect the names and addresses of the galleries on the city database, you’ll find that many of those listed are closed, haven’t been at the addresses shown for many years, are duplicated at alternate wrong addresses, or aren’t even art galleries, nor does it list any new art galleries. For example, the NYC data show that the zip code 10002, AKA The Lower East Side, has 20 galleries, when in fact it has ten times that many, 201 as of this writing. Based on that dataset alone, I’d guess this database was last updated in 2007.

    There are other searchable data sources on the web that you could mine that will provide your readers with accurate and actionable info about where all the galleries have gone, one of which goes back to 1802.

    Here are the Top Five Districts in descending order of numbers of galleries open as of now:

    West Chelsea – 274
    All of Brooklyn – 243
    UES – 216
    LES – 201
    SoHo – 74

    One good way to get this right is to actually visit the galleries, speak to the directors, look at their art, discuss their program, ask how they’re doing, maybe even buy some art. All 1400 of them. They’re nice folks.

  • Pretty obviously something here is amiss if 11206, 11237, and 11385 only each have 1 gallery.

  • bannerz

    no one cares