Billionaires had a lot more fun than you did last week

There's 20 glasses of champagne for every boat.
There’s 20 glasses of champagne for every boat.

While you spent the weekend kayaking for free in the East River, the billionaires of the world were busy in Australia enjoying what is perhaps the most 1% event in the world: the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.

What is that, exactly? In addition to being “Australia’s largest offshore yachting regatta,” the event is basically an excuse for billionaires to race each other on their yachts with the same abandon kids have on racing sleds. Hamilton Island is entirely owned by the Oakleys, the Australian real-estate and wine family, who plan the event every year to draw attention to their resort.  Over the course of the week, $40 million yachts were “circumcised” (yes, that is actually what they said) as owners zipped around each other, drinking Piper-Heidsieck champagne and vintage Rosé.  SWAGs (or the wives of the racers) sat on the shore in their designer duds occasionally shopping and showing off how rich they are to each other.

At the end of the weekend, Hamilton Island CEO Glenn Bourke shamed everyone by listing exactly how much they ate: “You consumed 106,000 beers, six tons of beef, 3,000 sausage rolls, and … one apple.” In addition, Bloomberg notes that the party-goers managed to swallow “3,000 bottles of mostly vintage champagne, 12,000 boxes of strawberries, and a small volcano of in-season Tasmanian truffles.” Ya, that’s not disgusting at all.