It’s my party and I’ll spend $170k if I want to

These party ladies are not fooling around.
These party ladies are not fooling around.

Lots of people look good when they’re 16, but when you’re 40, you’ve got cash. And when you’ve got cash (and you still look great), then there’s only one logical thing to do: throw a huge-ass party and invite lots of people and maybe a Bravo TV crew to make the world jealous.

That’s the thinking behind “My Fab 40th,” a new show on Bravo that premiered last night. Apparently, there is more than one person who is willing to spend a disgusting amount of money celebrating their descent (ascent?) into middle age and we can all rely on Bravo to capture that magic.

In the first episode, we meet former sorority sisters Julie Marcus Downs and Francine Sanchez, who spent $165,000 for their joint party in Laguna Beach. Some of the expenses include $11,700 worth of booze, $2,500 for an opera singer, and $2,500 for a “spoken word performer” (they were disappointed; they wanted the band Train to perform).

They seem like nice enough ladies, but spending that amount of money on a party does seem like a pretty desperate way to get people to hang out with you.