If you thought Manhattan was bad, check out Brazil’s positively medieval real estate market


And you thought New York was bad. According to NPR, the one percent in Brazil owns almost half of all the land in the entire country.

Yes, indeed that does sound like the Middle Ages. How, exactly, does that work? It all comes down to an extremely outdated law from 500 years ago where the king would give his buddies huge swaths of land in a system called enfiteuse. Those people (who were basically all noblemen) would keep the land rights, but allow others to build or develop property on the land for a price. Unlike the feudal laws in England, however, these laws never expire so the same people have been collecting this income for 500 hundred years and will continue to do so till the end of time.

Though one woman, Regina Chiaradia, is trying to fight the system and is suing one of the largest families in the country, it is obviously not an easy battle. She has to fight the richest people in the country (who in turn have hired the most expensive lawyers).  Still, we can’t help but wish her Boa sorte!