Woman defies the TSA, guzzles $200 bottle of cognac


It’s been five years since Steven Slater, everyone’s favorite flight attendant, became a hero to miserable fliers everywhere when he freaked out at a rude passenger, grabbed a beer, yelled some obscenities and slid down the emergency slide on the tarmac. Now, we are excited to say we have a new hero of the air, and her name is Zhou.

Like Madonna, Zhou’s last name is not important. All we know is that when airplane security tried to prevent her from bringing her $200 bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence on the plane, due to the worst, most unnecessary security rule ever, which limits the amount of liquid you are allowed to carry on to 100 ml, Zhou did not back down and accept the injustices of the man. Zhou thought about her life, thought about her choices, and decided that the best course of action at that moment was to guzzle the entire bottle right there and then.

Of course, this meant that Zhou was way too drunk to travel and she had to sleep it off, but it’s ok: the flight she missed was back to her native China and we really think that a crazy lady like that belongs in the United States.