A flight you can actually sleep on

Imagine having more than twice as much space as you normally do on an airplane. You could run free, dance, party, or even, wonder of wonders, actually sleep.

Well if you have a spare $117,000 or more lying around, you can make that happen! The private jet company TCS World Travel has just launched a new private jet service which transforms a 737 designed for 233 people, into a luscious flight for only 52 passengers. This gives you 78 inches of space (to give you a better idea, the average economy seat on a plane is a mere 31 inches) and a seat reclines to a full six and a half feet and turns into a bed. DuJour reports that you also get Bulgari amenity kits, gourmet food (“Kobe beef steak bites, caviar and cucumber canapés, sushi rolls, petit fours”) and wine from Brad and Angelina’s estate. The exorbitant price covers a full trip around the world for about 24 days and stays at a number of magnifico places. The company has joined forces with Four Seasons so expect lots of stays in their hotels.

Now, if only they could solve our jet lag problems. That would just about make our travel fantasies come true.