It’s official: SoulCycle is a rip-off

The burn you feel is in your wallet.
The burn you feel is in your wallet.

Mothers in Tribeca are panicking today after Business Insider reported that their beloved SoulCycle, the class that launched a million yoga pants, is being sued for exploiting its customers, forcing them to buy pricey certificates before they can book classes. The suit claims that the certificates have “unreasonably short expiration periods,” which is fair enough considering a certificate for one class only lasts 30 days and a certificate for five classes lasts 45 days. Either that’s a great way to motivate you to get your ass to class, or it sounds pretty suspicious to us.

This practice “robs customers of their money,  creating windfall profits for SoulCycle.” Also, because SoulCycle is, ahem, popular (we prefer to call it a cult), classes fill up super fast so even if you want to book one, it can be very difficult.

To make matters worse for SoulCycle, the company is preparing to go public. It’s never good to have a lawsuit hanging over your head during that tricky time, and if many of SoulCycle’s profits really are based upon fraud, as the suit alleges, then it may be worth a lot less.

And so, the rein of cycling may be at an end. Our guess for the next fitness craze? Definitely trampolining.