Legendary perfume on market for $1,500

Perfume connoisseurs rejoice: more than forty years after the death of legendary fashion designer Norman Norell, his design team in conjunction with the crystal designers Baccarat have launched a remastered version of his signature perfume. You can buy the scent in a number of different forms: the eau de parfum is selling for $150, a body cream for $95 and body oil $80. But the star of this collection is definitely the limited edition perfume, of which only 500 bottles are being made and they are retailing for a whopping $1,500 a pop.


Not so bad when you look at how beautiful those bottles, which were designed by Baccarat, are. And the scent inside sounds pretty great too, at least according to what Celine Barel, the perfumer behind the project, told Forbes:

It opens with the sparkling radiance of a sequined gown. The heart of the fragrance is an airy floral bouquet, orchestrated around the glamourous jasmine absolute, and the sheer, delicate peony brings a cool femininity to the galbanum. The drydown is just divine with iris pallida concrete, which is one of the most noble and expensive ingredients in perfumery. It is warm, velvety and voluptuous, and it contrasts here with vetiver and its woody undertones

No complaints here.  Barel goes on to say that the scent is “olfactively daring” because it is a “green, floral” instead of the “fruity, floral” scents that are popular right now. To us, it just sounds delicious.