Most expensive bottle of whisky sells at auction in Hong Kong


Someone apparently did not get the memo that cocktails made from Japanese whiskey are soooo 2013.

A bottle of 1960 Karuizawa just sold for the completely normal price of $118,500 at auction in Hong Kong. Only 41 bottles of this particular type were ever made and many of them have presumably been consumed by now by party boys on their Hong Kong yachts. Apparently, the stock market fluctuations that drove the rest of the world into chaos have not impacted the booze market whatsoever.

According to Bloomberg, the buyer of the bottle was a southeast Asian mystery man (or lady) who called in the bid. He or she also decided to make an impulse purchase of $490,316 for a 54-bottle, Hanyu Ichiro “Playing Card” series. Whoever this is, we seriously want to go to a dinner party at their house.