Inside the giant German castle that a Vogue blogger calls home


Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis has always enchanted — or at least amused — us all with her monthly column in Vogue about her jet-setting lifestyle. Now, her childhood home, which just happens to be an enormous castle in Germany is featured in the magazine in anticipation of a new book of photographs about it, and surprise, surprise, it’s freaking insane.

How insane? It has 500 rooms, a bowling alley with a wooden lane and antlers on the wall, and strangely enough is filled to the brim with crazy contemporary art not to mention famous contemporary artists (Koons and Harding are favorites). Basically, it sounds like the most fun place to grow up in ever; when TNT wanted to have a late-night rendez-vous with a lover, she had to sneak out over the castle walls. Just like Rapunzel!

And, of course, there were the parties, which she describes thus:

All along, I was enchanted by my parents’ parties. We’d sit down to dinners in the rococo ballroom, with enormous crystal chandeliers bathing us in a golden light. Later we would pass along a string of beautiful rooms—our favorite being the one with a golden four-poster bed with deep-green curtains and a golden swan on each side. I adored that bed even though my siblings and I told each other that an ancestor had passed away on it and that her ghost never left.

Yes, she does use the world “golden” three times in one paragraph. But to be fair, there does seem to be a ton of gold everywhere.